A man who in his time had conquered almost everything, but here, in this new world, things had changed. His Name is Fire Fist Ace, Ace and Luffy! Obviously, youll probably never see results like that again, but these numbers still show that art can be a powerful financial asset. After hearing the story of Laboon the whale, Luffy comes up with a clever solution to his problems. They are told the goal of the Baroque Works, their final mission and their respective parts in overthrowing Arabasta. The Rebels and Royal Guards noticed the rain and hesitated enough for Vivi's pleas to finally be heard. [33][34][35] Nami fights Miss Doublefinger in her first solo fight in the series, using a new weapon created by Usopp called the Clima-Tact and her knowledge of weather to beat her opponent. Rebel Army vs. Royal Army! Free shipping for many products! However, Sanji forces him to make a copy of the key using his powers, and releases everyone. Luffy defeated by Crocodile for the second time. Baroque Works plan starts to take effect, and for that, the Number Agents gather to meet Mr. 0. Chopper acts as a decoy, using his powers to avoid Crocodile while Sanji destroys the bridge between the Rain Dinners and the rest of Rainbase to ensure that Crocodile cannot return to Rain Dinners right away. They also meet Miss All-Sunday, the second strongest member of Baroque Works and partner of Crocodile. [29], The Straw Hats each face a dangerous battle. Spirit of the Fakes! Luffy chased after them but returns alongside a camel and being chased by a gigantic Sandora Lizard. Chopper's Seven-Level Transformation, When the Kingdom's Rule is Over! While Crocodile reveals to Vivi about the ancient weapon Pluton, Nami attempts to defeat Miss Doublefinger with her most powerful attack: The Tornado Tempo. In turn, Sanji immediately warmed up to her and greatly showed his attraction towards her on multiple occasions. Desperately, Vivi repeatedly yells for them to stop fighting, but her voice is not heard. The crew pulls him up and quickly befriend him, mainly due to how entertaining he is, especially with his ability to transform into other people with the Mane Mane no Mi. With an unexpected seventh member of the crew, the Straw Hats continue onward with their voyage of the Grand Line for their next adventure.[64]. [6] They encounter a group of Kung-Fu Dugongs, who challenge the crew only to be beaten up by Luffy. Next Anime Clima-Tact Explosion, Secret of the Royal Family! Rather than questioning his motives, she decided to trust Luffy's judgement on the matter. The Wave of Rebellion Begins to Move. After telling the crew to turn the ship upstream, Vivi informed Luffy that there were about 2,000 people working for Baroque Works. Volumes During the Post-Enies Lobby Arc, she wears a light pink shirt with dark pink lines and figures, and a white skirt. Television Special that was aired between episodes. Vivi's third outfit during the Arabasta Arc. The Shadow Lurking in Little Garden! WebAlabasta Royal Guard. The Straw Hats use a unique maneuver to propel Vivi to the top of the clock tower. Pell is especially fond of her, even taking her for a ride despite the king having forbidden it. Pell and Chaka defeated the rest of the kidnapping crew shortly thereafter. The townspeople are grateful and praise him as their hero. In the aftermath of the battle against Baroque Works, Vivi even managed to persuade the royal guards and rebels of her country to ultimately stop fighting and killing one another, effectively ending the needless civil war that was started by Crocodile. He gained the ability to imitate everybody on the ship except Vivi and Sanji, whose faces he was not able to touch. Karen Neill Thinking Zoro was still trying to get in her way, Vivi attacked him, but he revealed that he had come to save her. [58], Nami became horribly sick, so the crew detoured from Arabasta to look for a doctor. Right then Vivi thinks about the only place that would be useful for launching such an attack: the clock tower, which used to be a hideout for Koza and her other friends. Vivi and Usopp worked well together on more than one occasion and were concerned for each other's well-being. WebTop Rated Lists for Alabasta 28 items One Piece Arcs Ranked (Anime Version) 28 items One Piece Arcs Ranked (Manga Version) Top contributors to this wiki. Vivi arrived at the palace and ordered the Royal Army to blow up the palace in order to get everyone's attention and stop the war. [87], Vivi is revealed to be alive and being sheltered by Morgans aboard his airship for an unknown reason alongside Wapol from the World Government.[10]. Bon Kurei is then picked up by his own ship and crew and leaves, swearing on friendship. Vivi is also self-conscious about her lack of physical strength. [64] After the avalanche, Vivi and Usopp were still alive but lost. However, the only citizen left in town told them that the rebels had relocated to an oasis near Nanohana, for Yuba had become almost a daily target of sandstorms. Neferutari Bibi Kureha tells Nami some of what was Chopper's background. Vivi reminded him that they were supposed to be normal people, though Sanji argued (with a perverted smile) that dancers "are people too." [39] After Zoro appeared and revealed that he knew of Baroque Works, Vivi and the others prepared to kill him. Nami overexerted herself to help steer the crew and luckily avoided a cyclone in the process. Vivi does not fit the stereotype of a needy and authoritative princess, never demanding any special attention or prioritizing herself above others. Tashigi and Smoker both are rewarded for taking on Crocodile, but neither one of them believes that is right, considering the Straw Hat pirates did all the work. In addition, players can embody these characters and witness a completely original After a tough argument, Vivi agreed and led them to Rainbase.[76]. When Luffy proves he is still alive, Crocodile leaves him in quicksand to die. Blood Type: WebHighly aggressive pack hunters, lapahn will not hesitate to attack humans, and are regarded as the most dangerous animals on Drum Island. [11] However, as the Straw Hats departed from Arabasta, he seemed unperturbed that they had to leave her behind. Previous Giant Crab. Vivi and Luffy disagree in how to stop the rebel army and Baroque Works, leading to a fight. A Tearful Vow for Comrades, The Arabasta War Front! With their attention on the princess who had be thought missing for two years, Vivi tells them that the rain has fallen as it will always fall, and the nightmare is over. When she arrived at Levely, she took off her cape. The two great warriors of Arabasta, Chaka and Pell, have always watched over Vivi. Anime post When Crocodile falls, the rain-drops calm the soldiers. Vivi Tells of Her Adventures! Though she ultimately declined their offer in favor of working to restore her country, she remains closer to the Straw Hats than anyone else outside of their crew. Alias: As a Baroque Works frontier agent, she and her partner surpassed three other pairs in skill, and was experienced as both agents and bounty hunters, as they were the pair tasked with killing Laboon. Dalton told Vivi and Usopp about the island's history. She is also extremely brave and determined, going up against powerful enemies for her friends' sake, even when clearly outmatched. One Piece Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. One Piece Odyssey is the latest game developed by ILCA and published by Bandai Namco, based on the hit manga series One Piece by Eiichiro Oda. Instead, she was concerned for his safety. Chopper distracts Crocodile while Sanji frees the rest of the crew, but find themselves trapped yet again. [60], The Straw Hats and Bon Kurei's crew leave in the morning, but they get engaged in a battle with Marine Captain Hina the Black Cage. Rebels and Royal Guards alike were moved by his wise words, and the war officially ended. )[1] Vivi's surname, Nefertari, is an ancient Egyptian name meaning "the most beautiful" or "most wonderful". Alubarna is Crying! Things look hopeless for Usopp & Chopper as they continue to suffer from every attack that the Mr.4 team makes. Everything Began That Day! The group arrives first at the 'Green City' of Erumalu only to find it abandoned to the desert. However, the only citizen left in town tells them that the rebels are now in an oasis near Nanohana, for Yuba is now almost a daily target of sandstorms. However, the tides may be beginning to turn as Usopp learns what it truly means to be a man. Vivi's color scheme in the manga before the timeskip. After finally been convinced to join the team, Chopper announces his intentions to Dr. Kureha, who does not take it too well; but after escaping from the castle, she has decided to give the whole Straw Hat crew a farewell gift. A Serious Fight! [12], In Katorea, the rebels lead by Koza, plan to launch an all-out attack on Alubarna, the capital of Arabasta. Luffy and friends land on Little Garden, a prehistoric island inhabited by dinosaurs and giants. Arabasta Kingdom (Alubarna) In the 4Kids dub, she suffered the same treatment as other female characters, mainly how her cleavage was often edited over. Thanks to Vivi's nobility however, the event was calmed instead of becoming an incident between the kingdoms. Vice Admiral Garp mentors Koby and Helmeppo to become marines. Usopp told Vivi that they should not worry about Luffy and Sanji, but when Dalton decided to go fight against his former king despite being barely able to stand up, Usopp offered to carry Dalton on his back. After trying every trick in the castle, Wapol is finally hunted down by Luffy. Both pirates go for a final attack with Luffy managing to bust through Crocodiles', slamming him with a massive attack called Gomu Gomu no Storm. The Rain-Calling Powder and the Rebel Army, Reunion of the Powerful! Even as a child, she understood what being a princess meant and acted with wisdom beyond her years: when slapped by Wapol, she apologized for being in his way and held back her tears until he was out of earshot, all for the sake of preventing an international incident. [57][58], Luffy awakens after three days of sleep, demanding food immediately. Someone on the other ship greeted the man as Mr. 2 Bon Kurei, informing the shocked Straw Hats that they had just partied with an enemy. The old citizen turns out to be an old friend of Vivi's, Toto. Adventure in the Country Without a Name! Vivi was once seen hitting Luffy, Zoro, and Sanji with a large mace, after which the weapon was never seen again. They soon entered the town of Erumalu, formerly also known as the Green City but now deserted and destroyed by the sand. To keep the nearby Marines from recognizing Vivi as their ally, they said only a silent goodbye to her, showing the marks on their wrists as a sign of their friendship. The doctor was discovered to be on the other side of the island, and Usopp, Vivi, and Dalton rushed to find her. When they reached Drum Island, she was able to persuade Luffy to not attack the villagers and even put on a brave face after being shot in the arm. She apparently misses her time on the sea, as she felt reminiscent from the breeze from the salty ocean. [57], After Usopp and Karoo manage to help Luffy and unwittingly Mr. 3 free Nami, Vivi, and Zoro from the latter's Special Candelabra, Vivi joined Nami in defeating Miss Valentine. Rebel Warrior Koza! [74], The journey continued and the Straw Hats finally arrived in the Yuba Oasis, the supposed hideout of the Rebel Army. The Giants Dorry and Brogy! [78] She bathed with Terracotta and a group of female Kung-Fu Dugongs.[79]. [61] In the end, Vivi chose not to come with them, but came to wave them goodbye, holding her speech over a Den Den Mushi. After leaving Erumalu, the Straw Hats plus Vivi & Ace continue through the desert, facing the many dangers of it. Totaling 38 episodes in all, the Alabasta arc is responsible for introducing new elements and characters into One Piece 's overall story that would become fan-favorites: Status: Anime Episodes: Mane Mane Montage! Like many who knew him, she believes that Luffy will be the King of the Pirates. I'm Going Out to Sea! Upon entering the Grand Line, the ship is swallowed by a giant whale, inside of which they discover a strange place. Luffy fights with Crocodile by using blood on his fists. Though Mr. 2 discovers Sanji's weakness, Sanji still defeats his opponent after an evenly-matched fight. He leads the Marines directly to his crew mates that were purchasing provisions and water in the town. Luffy fights Crocodile with more success this time by using water, but still loses this round. WebThe Pirate Ganzack! Free But Luffy dodges it and kicks Crocodile into the air to which Crocodile counters with an attack that further decreases the stability of the catacombs. Furthermore, while they cannot erase what happened from history, but they can together rebuild the country. She most often wears her hair pulled back into a ponytail, and brown eyes. When he awakens, a magnificent banquet is thrown for the pirates, then, the Straw Hats are invited to enjoy the hot spring steam room inside the palace. The newest member, Matsuge, also helped in the fight against Baroque Works and has been very close with the princess ever since, even sometimes seen shopping with her and Karoo. Koza's father had paid the King a visit, but the boy felt that his father was not saying enough. [16][17], In Alubarna, Mr. 4 and Miss Merry Christmas have kidnapped King Nefertari Cobra while Mr. 2 Bon Kurei acts as him in Nanohana alongside a fake group of soldiers. As the Straw Hats run away, Crocodile tries to snatch Vivi from the crab, but she is saved by Luffy who lets himself get dragged off by the crab, promising to meet them in Alubarna.[22][23]. Only Resident of Yuba. After hearing the story of Laboon the whale, Luffy comes up with a clever solution to his problems. [36], As the Straw Hats were quickly introduced to the Grand Line's ever-changing weather, they forced Vivi and Mr. 9 to help as well. As Mr. 5 was about to reveal the identity of the spy, Igaram attacked him with Igarappappa, leading Vivi to call him by his real name rather than his alias. F[7] When the reputation of the King was sullied and a rebellion instigated, Vivi (along with Igaram, the Captain of the Royal Guard) found out these events were possibly influenced by a criminal organization. After escaping from Marines, Nico Robin (Ms. All Sunday) appears from inside of Straw Hats ship. WebWith a One Piece live-action adaptation coming our way via Netflix, it would make sense for the streaming platform to keep fans hyped up. [67] Vivi tended to Karoo, who had frozen himself trying to save Zoro. However, no sooner than the Straw Hat leave Arabasta, Nico Robin a.k.a. The Mr. 9 pair spied on the group from afar until they were almost blown up by The Unluckies for failing in their mission to kill Laboon. [12] She and Karoo are now regarded as honorary members of the Straw Hat Pirates, at least by Luffy and the others. The Straw Hats reach an island full of strange animals, where Chopper befriends a feral boy and inadvertantly becomes their king, while a gang of poachers seek a pair of magical golden horns. Heart of the Rebel Army, Kamyu! After another adventures on Little Garden and Drum Island, the Straw Hat Pirates and Vivi reach Arabasta, Vivi's home, where a war is about to take place, caused by Baroque Works' head, Mr. 0. 155-217, 63 chapters When she was slapped by Wapol, she quickly apologized for being in his way and held back her tears until he was out of earshot, all for the sake of preventing an international incident. Cobra triggers a destruction effect on the grave to keep the secrets safe, but Crocodile points out that he can easily escape with his ability. Dream of the Outcasts! Prince, recognized by the crew as Sanji, who starts off by imitating the phone call in Little Garden. Vivi's color scheme in the manga after the timeskip. Episode 131. At last, Cobra himself informs both sides that whoever they rose their swords at and whoever they pointed their guns at no longer matters. Her high opinion of Luffy did not change when she learned that his father was the world's worst criminal. One Piece Odyssey - Alabasta Trailer Check out the new One Piece Odyssey trailer, which gives us a look at some more of the upcoming adventure game's story. Manga Chapters: Leader of the Rebellion.