Vehicles were thrown hundreds of yards from residences and mangled, and a few were completely wrapped around trees. Here, the tornado reached F5 intensity as it slammed into Sayler Park. Residents will never forget April 3, 1974 as an F5 tornado formed near Bellbrook and moved eastward, reaching Xenia by 4:40 p.m. destroying half of the city, and directly killing 32 people. It was an F4 that traveled 10 miles through parts of Hamilton and Warren Counties in OH. Due to significant moisture advection, destabilization rapidly proceeded apace; the warm front near the Gulf Coast dissipated and then redeveloped northward over the Ohio River valley. A hurricane watcher's guide to the latest track and model forecasts. Ebenezer Zane founded Zanesville in 1800. old.I remember my mom making a Chef Boyardee pizza for dinner and watching a Gilligan's Island rerun on TV. 8 talking about this. Soon after the Depauw tornado lifted, the Hanover/Madison F4 tornado formed near Henryville and traveled through Jefferson County and leveled many structures in the small towns of Hanover and Madison. zanesville ohio tornado 1974. > Blog > Uncategorized > zanesville ohio tornado 1974. My dad helped with the clean up and replaced windows all over the community.Rick RiemanI can tell you that these tornadoes forever changed me. [6] Many businesses were also heavily damaged, and numerous trees and power lines were downed throughout the city. A bathtub from one residence was found deeply embedded into the ground. It's a tornado - everybody get inside!" I can vividly remember the tornado that day.My mom, sister and I had just returned home from a Camp Fire Girls meeting on nearby Childs - we lived on Welge Lane (my mom still lives there). is not affiliated with and is independent of any school, school district, alumni association or any other sites. Tornado Athletics is a Non-Profit org. Please select one of the following: Detailed Super Outbreak tornado path and intensity analysis, hand drawn by Dr. T. Theodore Fujita of University of Chicago. It killed 6 and injured 86 others along its 65-mile path, leveling and sweeping away homes in Depauw and Daisy Hill. 144 sid 231 sae j1939 parsianind library, i got a 2007 volvo vnl670 with cummins isx and 13 speed, wabco abs asr d1 ecu sae j 1939 messages, fault codes advantage truck parts, can anybody help with volvo ecm codes truckersreport com, code mid 136 pid 231 fmi 9 justanswer, 435 12 pdf spn 639 fmi 9 and 13 . McCormick admitted to possessing such images, but initially denied sexually assaulting any children. Courtesy of the Ohio Historical Society, from their, A 1978 documentary of the Super Outbreak, showing actual footage of tornadoes as they, Local KILN Standard Radar (low bandwidth), National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. The shuffle board in the basement saved my grandparents' lives.National Weather Service/WilmingtonAbout an hour after the Xenia tornado, another violent F5 tornado took aim at the western suburbs of Cincinnati. I was 5 years old at the time with a 6 year old sister, and two brothers who were 4 and 6 mos. 1986 Zanesville High School Yearbook. A tornado watch is currently active for multiple counties in the region till 9:00pm. Much of the town was destroyed including the courthouse, some churches and cemeteries, 40 businesses and numerous homes as well as three schools. 1973 Willard Tornado - 03. My friend Joe picked up one of the balls and said "Hey cool! 16 people were killed by this second tornado. 2. alerts in your area. 107 were here. Big farm house was destroyed, subdivision next to us had a lot of houses tore down. Remains of the Guin Mobile Home Plant, which was completely flattened. A total of 32 people lost their lives in the tornado, and about 1,150 were injured in Xenia, several of whom took proper shelter. The damage became more intense continuous as the tornado entered Tuscaloosa County. One of the largest outbreaks of tornadoes ever recorded, it consisted of 148 tornadoes and resulted in more than $1 billion in damage and 330 deaths. [42] It also struck portions of six other counties, with the hardest hit being White County and its town of Monticello. so naturally we all started to pick it up and try to eat it. Eighty-six persons were killed, 949 were injured, and damages exceeded $50 million. An F-4 tornado rolled from Elmwood Place to Mason, another F-4 moved from near Madison, Ind. Hope,[47] and then tracked into Mt. [14] Some tornado myths were soundly debunked (not necessarily for the first time) by tornado activity during the outbreak. Super Outbreak of 1974, also called Tornado Super Outbreak of 1974, series of tornadoes that caused severe damage to the Midwestern, southern, and eastern United States and Ontario, Canada, on April 3-4, 1974. The first tornado NWS meteorologists found began a half-mile south of Rawson in Hancock County, which then lifted 7 miles later a quarter-mile west of the Findlay Airport. More than fifty years ago, on Aug. 9, 1969, a tornado struck Galbraith and Reading roads in Reading, leaving four dead and more than 200 injuries. The storms caused more than $250 million in property damage. Please try another search. It is probably the least-known of the F5 tornadoes in the outbreak as it traveled through rural areas in southern Indiana northwest of Louisville, traversing about 65 miles (105km) through parts of Perry and Harrison Counties. We had to leave by the back door because we couldn't get through the mess of fallen walls and debris to get to the front door.My dad checked on the neighbors because many of the dads weren't home from work yet, it was right before suppertime.Our family and many of our neighbors ended up going to a house up the street for shelter for an hour or so while we figured out what to do next. A 52-year-old Zanesville man faces life in prison for raping a toddler and possessing thousands of images involving the sexual abuse of children. National Guard was everywhere. Our family and many of our neighbors ended up going to a house up the street for shelter for an hour or so while we figured out what to do next. I was just a baby, so I don't remember anything, but we were a family of 10 living in a large farmhouse. *Tornado risk is calculated from the destruction path that has occured within 30 miles of the location. Zanesville High School Yearbook Class of 1973 96 images, 2688 students, 71 faculty. A total of 19 people were killed in this tornado. National Guard was everywhere. Most of the families near us rebuilt bigger, two story houses and stayed in the neighborhood while the kids finished high school and college. [6][7], Meanwhile, by 00:00 UTC the southern half of the first convective band became indistinguishable from new convection that had formed farther south over Alabama and Tennessee in connection with convective band two. I don't know when we lost power or how long we stayed in the basement but when we came back upstairs, everything was fine as if there had never been a storm. Our organization encompasses multiple sports for. Mobile homes in Delmar were obliterated, with their frames wrapped around trees. Based upon real-time satellite imagery and model data, differential positive vorticity advection coincided with the left exit region of an upper-level jet streak that reached wind speeds of up to 130kn (150mph) (66.9m/s (241km/h)), thereby enhancing thunderstorm growth. April 3, 1974: Tornadic 'Super Outbreak' hits Cincinnati suburbs. My dad helped with the clean up and replaced windows all over the community. Read more at the NWS Wilmington page here. About an hour after the Xenia tornado, another violent F5 tornado took aim at the western suburbs of Cincinnati. The unit injectors receive voltage from pin 59, 60, 61 or 62 on the engine control unit. 1989 Zanesville High School Yearbook. I was 10 years old. At the same time, the forward-propagating MCS spread into the Tennessee and Ohio valleys, where it evolved into the first of three main convection bands that produced tornadoes. It continues to be in the. It's ice". The April 3-4, 1974, Super Outbreak tornado tracks as determined by the research team lead by Dr. T. Theodore Fujita. gHWO According to a WHAS-TV Louisville reporter in a special report about the outbreak, 90% of Hanover was destroyed or severely damaged, including the Hanover College campus. [30] Past Irvington, the tornado tore directly through Brandenburg at F5 intensity, completely leveling and sweeping away numerous homes, some of which were well-built and anchor-bolted. [6][62] According to NWS damage surveyor Bill Herman, the damage in one 6-block area was particularly extreme, and remarked that "It was just like the ground had been swept clean. Most of the small town of Tanner, west of Huntsville in Limestone County, was destroyed when two F5 tornadoes struck the community 30 minutes apart. The Lorain-Sandusky tornado was even more devastating than the one that hit Xenia in southern Ohio on April 3, 1974. Hearst Television participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. WA60J 305X25X762 ( 1000e60740 ) 3 I remember it well! Our house was destroyed. The tornado then crossed Dewart Lake and Lake Wawasee, destroying multiple lakeside homes and trailers. We lived on Springmyer Drive in Mack, Ohio.This was a fairly new street with 22 houses. The tornado also brushed the community of China causing additional fatalities.[6][17][19]. Damage information from the NWS: The tornado began with F2 intensity in Blue Ash in the northeast corner of the county. The station remained on the air delivering weather bulletins and storm-related information until well into the early morning hours of April 4. 1973 Willard Tornado - 04. Fujita initially assigned the Xenia tornado a preliminary rating of F6 intensity 1 scale,[28] before deeming F6 ratings "inconceivable". Ground scouring occurred in this area, as reddish soil was dug up and plastered against trees. The 1974 Super Outbreak was the second-largest tornado outbreak on record for a single 24-hour period, just behind the 2011 Super Outbreak.It was also the most violent tornado outbreak ever recorded, with 30 F4/F5 tornadoes confirmed. Damage at the intersection of Drake Avenue and Memorial Parkway in Huntsville. On the anniversary of the tornadoes, WLWT brings you the memories of those who lived through the storms. [17] The tornado had a peak width of 7001,760 yards (6401,610m). I was 5 years old at the time with a 6 year old sister, and two brothers who were 4 and 6 mos. George Matt, 80, died after a traffic accident at the height of the storm. Originally, a series of studies by Fujita and his colleagues in 197475 recorded 148 tornadoes, but one of these was subsequently reclassified as a, List of tornadoes in the 1974 Super Outbreak, List of North American tornadoes and tornado outbreaks, List of Canadian tornadoes and tornado outbreaks, List of tornadoes striking downtown areas of large cities, Analysis and reconstruction of the 1974 tornado Super Outbreak, "The Super Outbreak: Outbreak of the Century", "Revisiting the 34 April 1974 Super Outbreak of Tornadoes", "What was the biggest outbreak of tornadoes? I am now married and my father-in-law was a Hamilton County Sheriff when the tornado passed through. Damage was estimated at US$100 million ($471.7 million in 2013 dollars).[27]. We then heard a popping/cracking type noise and hail the size of golf balls began to fall. I lived at the bottom of South Road hill. We were right in the middle of it, McCauley Road and Fields Ertel Road. The tornado was definitely a bonding experience. Upon exiting Xenia, the tornado passed through Wilberforce, heavily damaging several campus and residential buildings of Wilberforce University. A map showing all hail, wind and tornado reports near Zanesville, Ohio (39.94035, -82.01319) One home that was swept away sustained total collapse of a poured concrete walk-out basement wall. The Xenia tornado tearing through the southeast Pinecrest Garden district. The tornado continued northeast and struck the south sides of Atwood and Leesburg, with additional severe damage occurring at both locations. The most recent official National Weather Service records show that both[59][60] of the Tanner tornadoes were rated F5. Click on each county to see the details. Looking back, it is amazing that none of us were struck on the head with it.By now my mom and my friend's mom came outside (they had been in getting supper ready since our dad's would be home soon). Newspapers The Times Recorder Newspapers Consequently, CAPE levels in the region rose to 1,000 J/kg. The tornado finally dissipated south of Basham, destroying 546 structures, killing 28 people, and injuring 332 others. One passenger did survive the fall. I have a healthy respect for Mother Nature. My dad came home from work and the weather got worse with rain, baseball-sized hail, a dark sky. -Xenia, Ohio: 34 killed, $100 million damage from an F5 tornado. One F-5, two F-4 and two F-3 tornadoes moved through the Tri-State that day, plus a trio of weaker tornadoes. The tornado quickly became violent as it moved into Meade County, producing F4 damage as it passed north of Irvington, sweeping away numerous homes in this rural area. Numerous homes were destroyed in residential areas, including a few that were leveled. [46] The tornado itself had contradicted a long-time myth that a tornado would "not follow terrain into steep valleys" as while hitting Monticello, it descended a 60-foot (18 m) hill near the Tippecanoe River and heavily damaged several homes immediately afterwards.[15]. Dr. Ted Fujita and a team of colleagues undertook a 10-month study of the 1974 Super Outbreak. We had to leave by the back door because we couldn't get through the mess of fallen walls and debris to get to the front door. Zanesville High School Yearbook [6][43], After the tornado struck Monticello, the tornado reached peak strength and completely leveled several farms northwest of town. I wound up off of the side of Turkeyfoot Road, and that wasn't even in the midst of the tornado. Current data typically are recorded at 15- to 60-minute intervals. It had rained heavily and was appearing to clear so my friends, sister and I were playing out by the gutter racing leaves in the water down the street to the sewer in front of our driveway. Compara todas las opciones y reserva tu boleto de autobs online, directamente desde Wanderu. We slept downstairs that night. A view of the Sayler Park tornado as it moved through the Bridgetown area. [47][57] Numerous homes throughout Madison County were swept completely away, with extensive wind-rowing of debris noted once again. It was the first killer tornado of November 10. My dad came home from work and the weather got worse with rain, baseball-sized hail, a dark sky. [52][53], While tornadoes were causing devastation in the northwesternmost corner of the state, another supercell crossing the Mississippi-Alabama state line produced another violent tornado that touched down in Pickens County before heading northeast for nearly 2 hours towards the Jasper area causing major damage to its downtown as the F4 storm struck. This same storm had passed just north of downtown. NWS The Xenia, OH F5 Tornado - April 3, 1974 Tornado Talk 2.07K subscribers Subscribe 760 75K views 3 years ago The deadliest tornado of the April 3-4 Super Outbreak! [5] Between the two outbreaks, an additional tornado was reported in Indiana in the early morning hours of April 3, several hours before the official start of the outbreak. A history of twisters: Tornadoes in Ohio 1974 The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has been tracking tornadoes for decades. The tornado destroyed several buildings as it passed between Ligonier and Topeka, including Perry School and a Monsanto plant. [18][19], The tornado that struck the city of Xenia, Ohio stands as the deadliest individual tornado of the 1974 Super Outbreak, killing 32 people and destroying a significant portion of the town. That night we stayed with relatives and eventually rented a small house and rebuilt the house on Springmyer from the foundation up. [6] On Wednesday, April 3, severe weather watches already were issued from the morning from south of the Great Lakes, while in portions of the Upper Midwest, snow was reported, with heavy rain falling across central Michigan and much of Ontario. Damage was reported in Cullman from the storm before it lifted. It was later recovered several miles downstream. Two of the fatalities in Tennessee occurred when a church was destroyed during service. Marjorie Sams, 17, was hit by a falling tree limb while leaving Withrow H.S. When the storm reached central Xenia at 4:40pm, apartment buildings, homes, businesses, churches, and schools including Xenia High School were destroyed. My mom saw the tornado come over the back hill and she ran to the basement. We lived on Springmyer Drive in Mack, Ohio. [55] The Walker County courthouse sustained major damage, and a new fire station was completely leveled. Ohio University (Athens) Sent from the Past/Flickr. On April 3, 1974, an F5 category tornado struck Xenia, Ohio. We saw the funnel cross the road & head up South Road. [48] In one case, the destruction was so complete that a witness reported that the largest recognizable objects among scattered debris from an obliterated house were some bed-springs. We lost a few windows and some gutters. The tornado touched down at 5:16 PM EDT from a thunderstorm which had already been producing at least 1.0 inch diameter hail in Caldwell, OH. We then heard a popping/cracking type noise and hail the size of golf balls began to fall. The only tornado I had ever seen was the on the annual broadcast of "The Wizard of OZ".I remember running up to our front porch to get a better look and you could clearly see debris around the base of the cloud where it was touching the ground. Photo taken by Frank Altenau. [56], In total, the storm took three lives, but injured one hundred and fifty residents of Jasper or Cullman. [40] A WHAS-TV cameraman also filmed the tornado when it passed just east of the Central Business District of Louisville. This is the list of tornadoes confirmed that occurred during the record-breaking 1974 Super Outbreak tornado event that occurred on April 3-4, 1974 across the eastern half of the United States and in Ontario, Canada . [24][25][26] About 1,400 buildings (roughly half of the town) were heavily damaged or destroyed. [54], The Jasper tornado first touched near Aliceville, producing scattered damage as it tracked northeastward. A curtain rod was found speared deeply into the trunk of one tree in town. [16] All but 10 homes in Martinsburg were destroyed; and in the Daisy Hill community homes were completely swept away at F5 intensity. [1][2] At one point, as many as 15 separate tornadoes were occurring simultaneously.[1][3]. The tornado finally dissipated northeast of Cullman a short time later. By the War or 1812, the town had approximately 1,400 people. [6] A series of studies by Dr. Tetsuya T. Fujita in 197475which were later cited in a 2004 survey by Risk Management Solutionsfound that three-quarters of all tornadoes in the 1974 Super Outbreak were produced by 30 'families' of tornadoesmultiple tornadoes spawned in succession by a single thunderstorm cell. I have a healthy respect for Mother Nature.Judy Vollhardt HarrisI was only 3, but I remember eating Skyline Chili in the basement. Terrifying experience!Barbara Pope Mueller I have never, ever seen the sky look black, purple, yellow, and green all at the same time. Moriah, where the tornado rapidly intensified and swept away homes and hurled fleeing vehicles, and where a family of six were killed. The Brandenburg tornado, which produced F5 damage and took 31 lives, touched down in Breckinridge County around 3:25pm CDT and followed a 32-mile (51km) path. View Image. The outbreak caused roughly $843 million USD (~equivalent to $4.58 billion in 2019) in damage, with more than $600 million (~equivalent to $3.3 billion in 2019) occurring in the United States. This was a fairly new street with 22 houses. I can vividly remember the tornado that day. Further analysis by Ted Fujita indicated that at the start of the tornado path near Otterbein, downburst winds (also called "twisting downburst") disrupted the tornado's inflow which caused it to briefly dissipate before redeveloping near Brookston in White County at around 4:50pm EDT and then traveled for 109 miles (175km). The outbreak began in Morris, Illinois, at around 1:00pm on April 3. [8], While violent tornado activity increased over the warm sector, a third band of convection developed at about 16:00 UTC and extended from near St. Louis into west-central Illinois. An F3 tornado also occurred in Windsor, Ontario, Canada, killing nine and injuring 30 others there, all of them at the former Windsor Curling Club. There were 18 hours of nearly continuous tornado activity that ended in Caldwell County, North Carolina, at about 7:00am on April 4. I remember my mom making a Chef Boyardee pizza for dinner and watching a Gilligan's Island rerun on TV. I was only 3, but I remember eating Skyline Chili in the basement. We lived in Sharonville, off of Fields Ertel Road. The Glenn'll trailer park was completely destroyed by the tornado, and some sources list a fatality occurring at that location. Zane had built a ferry service at this place for people traveling along the frontier road known as Zane's Trace. Contents 1 Meteorological synopsis As severe weather or blizzards threaten, this database scrapes power outage information from more than 1,000 companies nationwide. [6][66][67] The National Weather Service office at Huntsville Jetplex was briefly "closed and abandoned" due to the severe weather conditions. Contents Even before the massive escape by animals at a Zanesville, Ohio, animal preserve put the issue in the spotlight again, animal rights groups said the numerous exotic pets in homes and unlicensed zoos have caused more than 60 human deaths in just over the last two decades. Afterwards, the tornado weakened before dissipating in Clark County near South Vienna, traveling a little over 30 miles (48km). The tornado then finally dissipated near Oliver Lake airfield. The tornado that struck Xenia had maximum winds of three hundred miles per hour. We lived in Sharonville, off of Fields Ertel Road. Wind Advisory for Fairfield and Hocking and Licking counties until February 27 at 10:00PM . [6][55] The same supercell then re-strengthened and produced a new tornado just south of the town of Decatur. The Hearing Funeral Home burials, 1890-1941, 56 South Fifth Street, Zanewville, Ohio. We were right in the middle of it, McCauley Road and Fields Ertel Road. . By now my mom and my friend's mom came outside (they had been in getting supper ready since our dad's would be home soon). [6] The tornado first moved across the north edge of Hardinsburg, inflicting F3 damage to homes at that location. Surveyors noted that timber damage was equally severe at all elevations in this area, with numerous trees snapped both along exposed ridges and in deep gorges. It then traveled through Boone County, Kentucky, producing F4 damage in the Taylorsport area before crossing the Ohio River a second time into Ohio. Read an issue on 10 May 1974 in Zanesville, Ohio and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. Our house faced west and at that moment my mom looked up and over the roof of my friends' house and saw the funnel cloud. They yelled across the street to each other what was going on? But thanks to early warning from an MP picket line on Rideout Road (now Research Park Boulevard (SR 255)), there were only three, relatively minor, injuries. 2023, Hearst Television Inc. on behalf of WLWT-TV. A total of 11 people were killed in this storm while an additional 300 were injured. It had rained heavily and was appearing to clear so my friends, sister and I were playing out by the gutter racing leaves in the water down the street to the sewer in front of our driveway. [6][26], About an hour after the Brandenburg tornado, the same supercell spawned an F4 tornado that formed in the southwest part of Jefferson County near Kosmosdale. It first hit the Redstone Arsenal, damaging or destroying numerous buildings at that location. [32] Several tombstones in the Cap Anderson cemetery were toppled and broken, and some were displaced a small distance. [6] It formed at around 8:50pm CDT near the Mississippi-Alabama border, north of the town of Vernon, striking the Monterey Trailer Park, resulting in major damage at that location. College Green at Ohio University in Athens, OH. [55] Trees in town were debarked, ground scouring occurred, and vehicles were thrown and mangled as well. Hazel-Atlas then built a second factory at Zanesville in 1923 to produce . He rode it out under the bed. 11 Kearns-Gorsuch had plants at Zanesville and Barnesville, but the Barnesville plant was destroyed by fire soon after purchase. So many trees were snapped in this area that the tornado path was visible from satellite. For more recent tornadoes, clicking deeper provides more details, damage estimates and whether someone was injured or killed in the storm. Questions? [58] The death toll from the two tornadoes was over 45 and over 400 were injured. old. Fortunately, the children and faculty, who were huddled in the hallways, were not injured. I've gotten a bit better over time but any house I've ever considered has a basement. A massive re-planting effort was undertaken by the community in the aftermath of the tornado. Helen Wilson, 57, was found covered in debris near her West Union home. [36] The tornado weakened somewhat as it continued northeastward, passing through multiple Cincinnati neighborhoods and destroying numerous homes. On April 3, 1974, what became known as the Super Outbreak began. A total of 23 people were killed in Guin.[55][64]. A powerful springtime low pressure system developed across the North American Interior Plains on April 1. The latest breaking updates, delivered straight to your email inbox. Lived in Sayler Parkthat was my senior year in high school. Jerry Teague, 30, was hit by bricks torn from the Longview State Hospital on Paddock Road. 1973 Willard Tornado - 01. The Rent Zestimate for this home is $749/mo, which has increased by $749/mo in the last 30 days. In addition to the direct fatalities, two Ohio Air National Guardsmen deployed for disaster assistance were killed on April 17 when a fire swept through their temporary barracks in a furniture store. Tornado Information for Zanesville, Ohio. The tornado continued its 22-mile (35km) journey northeast where it demolished most of Audubon Elementary School and affected the neighborhoods of Audubon, Cherokee Triangle, Cherokee-Seneca, Crescent Hill, Indian Hills, Northfield, Rolling Fields, and Tyler Park. [6][22] Several railroad cars were lifted and blown over as the tornado passed over a moving Penn Central freight train in the center of town. [citation needed], By 12:00 UTC on April 3, a large-scale trough extended over most of the contiguous United States, with several modest shortwaves rotating around the broad base of the trough. While the power was out for the next three hours, the NWS in Cincinnati had some backup radar imagery available from the Air Force and FAA and had the NWS in Cleveland issue warnings for them. Despite the apparent connection between La Nia and two of the largest tornado outbreaks in United States history, no definitive linkage exists between La Nia and this outbreak or tornado activity in general. [7], Michigan was not hit as hard as neighboring states or Windsor, with only one deadly tornado that hit near Coldwater and Hillsdale, killing people in mobile homes; however, thunderstorm downpours caused flash floods, and north of the warm front in the Upper Peninsula, heavy snowfall was reported. [2] The majority of these were long-lived and long-tracked individual supercells. Zanesville, OH Weather Radar | AccuWeather Today Hourly Daily Radar MinuteCast Monthly Air Quality Health & Activities Zanesville Weather Radar Now Rain Snow Ice Mix United States. Activity in the south moved towards the Appalachians during the overnight hours and produced the final tornadoes across the southeast during the morning of April 4. 195 miles What is the phone number of the. The tornado exhibited a multiple-vortex structure and became very large as it approached town. [65], The tornado touched down north of Hartselle and moved northeast toward Huntsville. to Aurora, Ind., an F-3 narrowly missed Cynthiana, Ky., and an F-3 tornado touched down in Adams County. Huntsville was affected shortly before 11:00 pm EDT by a strong F3 tornado produced by the same thunderstorm that produced the Guin tornado. Search photos, classmates, and more at . [55] The tornado then became extremely violent as it approached and entered Guin, with multiple areas of F5 damage noted in and around town. -Monticello . [37] The tornado took three lives and injured 210 with 190 of the injuries were in Hamilton County, Ohio alone. However, a warm temperature plume in the elevated mixed layer kept thunderstorms from initiating at the surface. This interactive map, which contains data from. We lost a few windows and some gutters. The tornado was loud and sounded like a train when it hit.